Happy Guy Fawkes Night 🎉 Long live the Queen


Новый iPad, MacBook Air, Mac mini. Что показала Apple на октябрьском hardware event


Simple compile-time raytracer using C++17
What do you mean, why? Why not?


Our Experience Writing a VSCode Extension

Принцип KISS в разработке
Some generic truths are worth recalling once in a while.

October 21 post-incident analysis
The problem is ‘technically’ trivial, but the timeline itself and transparency is of interest.

Гибкая система тестирования и сбора метрик программ на примере LLVM test-suite
I have always been fascinated by test suits in compilers.


Как я вижу идеальный браузер
A cute, unfeasible dream.


The D Language Front-End Finally Merged Into GCC 9
One does not simply make a GCC frontend. Congratulations to Dlang developers.

Kotlin 1.3 Released with Coroutines, Kotlin/Native Beta, and more (in Russian)

A Look at the Design of Lua
It’s actually a good example of an embeddable C API.


Red Hat заменяет Docker на Podman
This promises to be a useful utility (which I like ‘cuz UNIX way).

Подборка докладов по ядру Linux с Open Source Summit Europe 2018 (video)

Code Review: On Signals
Neat little intro into this topic with some interesting use-cases.


DeepCreamPy: Decensoring Hentai with Deep Neural Networks 😍

nnn: 🐬 The fastest terminal file manager ever written

Как студент-интерн создал самую популярную в мире видеоигру, или история игр Windows

Remember that A+B=C regex? I felt it wasn’t ridiculous enough, so I added negative number AND decimal support. Candidate for craziest regex ever made?