(Yes, today’s his birthday.)

Also, cheers for Georgia and their Constitution.


C++ Annotations
No, it’s not about [[nothrow]]. It’s a tiny guide to some C++ basics. A good one, though.

Детерминированные исключения и обработка ошибок в «C++ будущего»
Cute idea with repurposing the carry flag (Rust already does this ;)


D compilation is too slow and I am forking the compiler (Clickbait :D)


Как не превратить корпоративную базу знаний в хаос: наш опыт борьбы с Confluence

The code I’m still ashamed of
Remember that your moral choices are always yours.

Unit testing? Do as I say, don’t do as I do
Why integration tests are so tempting.

Breakpoints: Debugging like a Pro
That feeling when you discover this wizardry.


Linus: I don’t do github pull requests

And the fact that other projects apparently have so low expectations of commit messages that these things get used is just sad. People should try to compare the quality of the kernel git logs with some other projects, and cry themselves to sleep.

Checkin with reviewers in mind: how to speed up code reviews

Your day doesn’t need more hours, you need Great Pull Requests


Still in love with Rust

ERC Project “RustBelt”
Of course there are people working on formally verified [subset of] Rust.


Slow Software
Why exactly it feels so slow.

Every 7.8μs your computer’s memory has a hiccup
Good read about dynamic memory refreshing.

Lisp Machine Inc. K-machine
About the last commercial CPU executing Lisp directly.

What I’ve learned in 10 years as an SDE