I have no news for today. Let’s keep a minute of silence for Kim Jong Il.


Type-Based Alias Analysis in C
Nice illustration of dangers of type punning and possible optimizations that it kills.

IKOS Analyzer
A new LLVM-based static analyzer for C and C++ (by NASA).

Named Arguments in C++
Neat trick.


Иди-ка ты на !@# со своей «токсичностью»
Gr8 b8 m8. (Well, in all honesty, the comments are mildly interesting read on sociology, if you have time.)

Я порчу разрабам жизни своими код ревью и больше так не хочу
On toxicity in code review.

The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got

Organizational Debt
It’s about Rust Language working groups and managing open project development.


The Architecture and History of Git: A Distributed Version Control System
It’s helpful to reread an overview like this once in a while.


Любая [австралийская] интернет-компания обязана тайно изменить программный код по требованию властей
Free speech and confidentialy on the Internet is in pretty bad shape in Her Majesty’s dominions.


Can we drop upstream Linux x32 support?
Weird x32 ABI on x86_64 may go away.

Linux: easy keylogger with eBPF
How to write kernel code without writing kernel code.

Непривилегированные пользователи Linux с UID > INT_MAX могут выполнить любую команду
Yes, it’s totally fine to make integer overflow an undefined behavior, no one ever does it.


Async in Rust, circa 2018
I hope we’ll see async in 2019.

So @Kyrenite was showing me a cool new idea she had with GC in Rust…
Another unforseen consequence.


Трехмерный движок на формулах Excel для чайников
Straight outta asylum. It also reminds you about the physics of imaging with light.

«CMS» на базе Google Spreadsheets для статических сайтов
More weird stuff.

Operating System Development for Dummies
Nice introduction and tribute to TempleOS.

with-c-syntax: C language syntax in Common Lisp
jRust: Rust macro that parses Java-like syntax and runs it as a Rust program
I find it cute.

An open letter to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Experian regarding algorithms and my son’s birth
I usually don’t repost things like this due to ethics, but this is the reason to despise user tracking on the Internet.

Why Do Women Earn Less Than Men? Evidence from Bus and Train Operators

How the Dreamcast Copy Protection Was Defeated

A tale of 132 e’s
This is art. (Also, nice favicon.)


9cc C compiler (author)