Well, obviously happy birthday cheers go to Mr. Jesus this time (if you observe the Julian calendar).


Fundamentals of C++ Programming
I have found my favorite newbie-friendly entry-level book to recommend on C++. Thank you; you know who you are.

Тесты на C++ без макросов и динамической памяти
I always liked to look at minimal unit testing frameworks for C, like Cutter.

orangeduck/mpc - A Parser Combinator library for C
Just in case you ever need one.

Exposing Floating Point
A summary of IEEE 754 if you would like a refresher.

AVX512VBMI — remove spaces from text
Remember that sometimes SSE/AVX can really speed things up.


Good Engineering Practices while Working Solo

GNU Recutils
I’ve never heard about this data format before, but it may be an attractive alternative to ubiquitious JSON/SQLite.

Как писать юнит-тесты, если совсем не хочется
Exploring basic antipatterns in writing automated tests.

Software Engineering at Google
“The aim of this paper is to catalogue and briefly describe Google’s key software engineering practices.”

Hints for Computer System Design (1983)
“Such a collection of good advice and anecdotes is rather tiresome to read; perhaps it is best taken in small doses at bedtime.”


Learning KVM - implement your own Linux kernel
Writing a basic hypervisor with KVM is not that scary (though certainly not easy as well).

Изучаем трассировку с помощью eBPF: Руководство и примеры
Some projects may not really need a kernel module.


Модернизация IDA Pro. Отладчик для Sega Mega Drive (часть 1) (часть 2)
How to write IDA Pro extensions.

Перспектива: MultiClet S1
A lovely approach to CPU architecture. I remember posting about it some time ago, glad they’re still alive.

Non-Euclidean Worlds Engine (GitHub)
Amazing hack. I imagine tons of creative applications for VR. Mathematics are beautiful, Alice Liddell sends her regards.

AI Winter - Update
I’m not really up to date on state of the art AI, but his argument on the current affairs is compelling.

Trust model of Bitcoin — part I, part II
May be useful if you know close to nothing on the topic. An okayish explain-like-I’m-twelve writeup.

How do you organise your hard drive?
How do you keep track of your creative thoughts?


English notes #1: Заканчивай с этим «very»
May turn out an interesting thought-provoking series for some.

Заметки фитохимика. Банановая шкурка наносит ответный удар

Бизнес, я люблю тебя
Veronica rarely posts, but there’s some right attitude for a job in there.

The Process of Mastering a Skill
The same goes for Azeria, only she’s more keen on approaches to learning stuff.