No other events on this day, happy birthday to Hanazawa Kana.


Historic Handshake! Modules accepted to C++20
It took us 35 years, but we did it!


Introducing draft pull requests [on GitHub]
Yay! No more ad-hoc wip labels.

The Book of Secret Knowledge
Well this is what I’d call a knowledgebase on random subjects!

Practical Go
Advice applicable not only to Golang.

How to Make Other Developers Hate to Work with You
Can be summarized as: don’t be a lazy asshole who does not care.

Awesome Falsehood
A curated list of awesome falsehoods programmers believe in.

Our Google Overlords decided that they can give away some of the cake.


Graceful Shutdown
On handling SIGTERM properly.

SOCKMAP - TCP splicing of the future
If you don’t know about splice(2)—now you know. It’s pretty interesting.

The log/event processing pipeline you can’t have
An interesting approach to using kmsg.

How To Secure A Linux Server

A Heavily Commented Linux Source Code
Actually a book.


The Ultimate Guide To Memorable Tech Talks

Programming Books You Wish You Read Earlier

A Common Lisp Interpreter Built in COBOL

proc-caesar: a proc-macro to apply Caesar cipher to Rust source code

Explaining Code using ASCII Art
I try doing so when possible.

HeapHero User Manual
I love Java for all the available tooling. Other ecosystems are years behind sometimes.

3D Engine Build with HTML and CSS
HTML is a programming language, fight me. (Here’s an explanation of how this works.)

Overwatch randomized trial on gender
“[W]e stopped at 163 [games] as this is a substantial time effort”.

Kowloon Walled City