Happy official birthday to HIV, cosmic microwave background, and our new president.


libmill: Go-style concurrency in C

C++ UI Libraries
I was not aware that there were so many of them around…

May be useful if you need coroutines for your embedded stuff.


Testing Without Mocks: A Pattern Language

Introducing GitHub Package Registry (HN)
I wonder whether this marks the beginning of the extend phase in Microsoft’s conquest of open-source software?

Laws, Theories, Principles and Patterns that developers will find useful

Classic Mistakes in Software Engineering
Don’t look at the year of publication, it’s more than accurate nowadays as well.

OPP (Other People’s Problems)
Nice piece of advice on fixing people.


Shipping a Linux Kernel with Windows
Oh well, now Linux is going to conquer desktop systems. Hooray!

Nokia memory profiler
An interesting project that can grow into alternative to Valgrind.


Docker images of Alpine Linux use (literally) “NULL” as root password.

A Mechanised Cryptographic Proof of the WireGuard Virtual Private Network Protocol
I’m glad that formal proofs are still a thing. Oh well, this is Inria after all.

ZombieLoad: Cross Privilege-Boundary Data Leakage
Invention of task switching was a mistake /s
Here’s more on MDS attacks, which is ZombieLoad is a particular variation of. Yes, you should have nightmares.
In Russian. PoC exploit.


Oak: Free and Open Certificate Transparency Log
Let’s Encrypt continues doing good to the Internet.

Google launches Portals (reddit) (habr)
It’s nice to be Google: bamf! and you’ve made an HTML tag for yourself.


git rebase in depth

Let’s build a compiler
Hey, it’s Turbo Pascal 4.0!

svgbob: ASCII → SVG converter[demo]
Now you can freely use RFC-style ASCII art for docs.

fusuma: make slides with Markdown easily[demo]
An alternative to using MS PowerPower, Google Slices, and Beamer.

MIT Scientists prove adults learn language to fluency nearly as well as children

Neko Programming Language
That’s a backend of Haxe language. It’s planned to be replaced with HashLink.

4 years of Rust

Falsehoods programmers believe about Unix time
Time is hard, mkay?

Высоконагруженная распределенная система управления современной АЭС