Cacophony of red, green, and blue.


Breakdown of the major security and privacy announcements from WWDC

macOS Deprecates Scripting Language Runtimes
Walking the path of Android and iOS: UNIX on the inside, but not accessible to unwashed masses.


Falsehoods programmers believe about addresses
Nice to revisit this once in a while.

Abusing SHA-1 collisions for Chromium updates
See description of the hack.


OpenBSD: recent security innovations
Interesting restriction on system calls from writeable memory.

pass: the standard unix password manager


<a href=””>HTML Quine</a>

Invaders game in 512 bytes

Как устроен формат JPEG

Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media
Some cyberpunk going on here…

Burning Man

Why Haskell for GitHub’s Semantic

Introducing Inkdrop 4 (HN)
Maybe you’ll find it useful. Discussion threads are also somewhat interesting.