Okay, everyone!


Who ordered memory fences on an x86?
A bit on memory load-store reorerding in the most popular server architecture.

The Badge pattern
I’m constantly amazed at the amount of totally unintended features of C++ template system.

Formatting floating point numbers
Just a nice story of bit-twiddling.


The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data’s unifying abstraction
Big data is still an alien concept to me, but this post is okay. Though beware: that’s a long read.


Nannou: an open-source creative-coding framework for Rust
何のフレームワークですか😅 (In all seriousness, it looks cool.)


RAMBleed attack
Rowhammer exploits are not theoretical now (though, extremely slow at the moment).
If you did not get the memo: the most secure computer is a turned-off one.

Про ГОСТовский шифр Кузнечик, его SBox и потерянные сиды
Бекдор Шрьодінгера.


Encryption for gopher
Я взагалі тільки нещодавно дізнався, що Gopher is still alive and kicking. Пам’ятаю, як читав про нього в підручнику з HTML4. Цей пост відображається за допомогою цього проксі, бтв.


Desktop Neo: rethinking the desktop interface for productivity
Idea of tiling WM for macOS. Only a design idea from 2016, though.

MrBeast channel
Okay, this is one twisted performance art form going on here. Pure capitalism.

List of names in English with counterintuitive pronunciations
Sponsored by Cuyjet and Featherstonhaugh. You’ll never guess how to say these.