Happy birthday to NASA.


Some items from my “reliability list”


Extending the Kernel with Built-in Kernel Headers
It should get easier to build kernel headers on the fly.


Why Rust for safe systems programming
People have been posting things like this from 2015 and will continue doing to until you like it.

Things Rust shipped without
Yes, you can combat historically bad decisions.

The Rust compiler is still getting faster (HN)
That’s how refactoring enables optimization.


Plot to steal cryptocurrency foiled by the npm security team
Well, ‘foiled’… Over a million of tokens have been stolen in two months. Nevertheless, it’s a good reminder that this post:

I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.

is hardly a joke. Not in the world where people casually npm install whatever they pick up on the street.


Slice of life on this tiny blue marble.

The Australians making music with computer code
Live music sampling always fascinated me, just like any live performance.
And there’s more: they do it in Scheme!

A grimoire of functions

How we built the Waifu Vending Machine
State of the art AI in action.

Algebraic Effects for the rest of us
TIL that condition system from Common Lisp now has a proper formalism.

Day 5: The VM-exit Handler, Event Injection, Context Modifications, and CPUID Emulation
Some information on CPU virtualization.

Part I: History of Visa
Part II: An Overview of Visa