Language rotation is actual. I repeat, language rotation actual.


Write a simple memory allocator
It is really simple but does a decent job at demystifying malloc().

When a type is not a type
/me laughing at the concept of deduction guides. Especially at the fact that it’s technically undefined behavior to add them to the std namespace. But okay C++, go on, I’m rooting for you /s

Optimizing a Sort Function
How gcc optimized the qsort() function. (Did you know that C has a built-in sort function?)


Google Interview Questions Deconstructed: The Knight’s Dialer
A really simple algorithmic question, but imagine doing it in 30 minutes at Google.

The Illustrated TLS Connection
Nice abridged version of the RFCs.

Protobuffers Are Wrong
Haters gonna hate. Read it yourself and make your own reasoning.

Dealing with complex projects
Some obvious points, which are almost never made into a check-list.


Stop cherry-picking, start merging
A good example to learn from. This is what you get when you abuse a tool, find it ineffective, and then try to recover from it with more abuse.


Qt Creator 4.8 Beta released
Yay! Qt Creator is going to support the Language Server Protocol (and a built-in clang-format).

Eleven bash Tips You Might Want to Know

How is /proc able to list process IDs?
If you never wondered about it then this might be an interesting read.

Code of Conduct: почему разработчики ядра Linux угрожали удалить свой код — разбираемся в конфликте
Wanna talk some shit on this hot topic but not up to date?


Python: метапрограммирование в продакшене. Часть первая
Python: метапрограммирование в продакшене. Часть вторая
Cute stuff to do with your production code base.


Porting C to Rust
Some nice observations on the topic.

Ada Concurrency
Hey look, all this fancy ‘safe concurrency’ has been around since 1983.
(If the only thing you know about Ada is that it’s a verbose language invented at DOD which nobody uses then God forbid you from discovering Algol 68.)

Rust has a static garbage collector
Well, not reeeally a “garbage collector”, but if you do ‘squint hard enough’ then you may think of it that way.


How new-lines affect the Linux kernel performance
The compiler doing funny things with assumptions again.

Microsoft joins Open Invention Network to help protect Linux and open source
Microsoft makes its 60,000 patents open source to help Linux

These 299 macOS apps are so buggy, Apple had to fix them in AppKit (reddit)
I’ve posted this a while ago, but it’s still an amusing read.

Под капотом Graveyard Keeper: Как реализованы графические эффекты
Gamedev magic has always fascinated me.

Титаны от математики схлестнулись над эпичным доказательством abc-гипотезы
About that fascinatingly massive proof by Shinichi Mochizuki. Humanity is still working on understanding it.