Please remember Challenger and her crew of seven.


Реализация горячей перезагрузки С++ кода в Linux и macOS: копаем глубже
This part is about manual resolution of data relocations.


Professional Software Development
This book can be a substitute if you skipped your university courses.


The Practical Linux Hardening Guide
A good one-stop summary of useful practices.

Evolution of the x86 context switch in Linux
Very detailed technical writeup on a single implementation detail.


Google proposes changes to Chromium which would disable uBlock Origin(HN) (Habr)
It’s absolutely okay to have only one popular browser developed by an ad company /s


Deciphering the Postcard-Sized Raytracer
More raytracers, now in only 2K bytes.

A Mind Is Born
And here’s a demo in only 256 bytes.

Colonies by Conspiracy
And 64K, to have something more for comparison.

Yo internet nerds, tell me all the ways you’ve done dirty things with LD_PRELOAD

Рисуем мультяшный взрыв за 180 строчек голого C++
Astrologists have declared a week of raytracers, it seems.

Guix — самая продвинутая операционная система
NixOS seems to be an interesting thing.


Objective-C gets back to its roots.

Advanced Mac Substitute
Reviving the old tech, eh.

Genode OS Framework
It’s the first time I hear about this security framework but it may come useful to someone.

Travis CI joins the Idera family
Oh well… That’s the Idera which currently owns Delphi (previously Embarcadero (previously CodeGear (previously Borland))). I guess I’ll start using CircleCI for my personal projects from now on.

Нейросеть AlphaStar обыграла профессионалов StarCraft II со счётом 10−1