“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. But the biggest fools learn from the Internet”.


Building a language server for Muon


Advent of Code 2019
It’s that season again, boys and girls!

Molten Bismuth Shader
Go to this thread for more, specifically here to learn more.

WWDC 2019 Session Notes
Apple are infamous for distributing video-only information, after all.


ELF Binaries and Relocation Entries

Addressing of AF_INET, AF_INET6 and AF_UNIX sockets


How to do an honest landing page.

This Person Does Not Exist
Finally I can have a proper userpic!

mal - Make a Lisp
I’d consider this an art form.


The Siege of Gondor, Part I: Professionals Talk Logistics
“Unmitigated pedantry” it is.

Jennicam: The first woman to stream her life on the Internet

That's a BBC story from 2016 that started this binge. You can also look at Wikipedia article as a starting point.

Some coverage at the time:

Also, this movie and this TV program. And a punchline: Jennifer did this 24 year ago.

In general, it's interesting from sociological point of view: like what historians in 50–100 years will think about early age of the Internet, and this whole practice of “life streaming”. Especially given the privacy-conscious context of recent years.

Bussed out: How America moves its homeless