This is How Science Happens
This is about a rebuttal of a rebuttal of a study exploring link between programming language choice and software quality. Also, consider this post, linked from the above one:
The epistemology of software quality
Because – surprise-surprise! – languages are not everything. Well, at least while software is still made by humans.


LVI - Hijacking Transient Execution with Load Value Injection</br> Secure Enclave, they say.

EdDSA, Ed25519, Ed25519-IETF, Ed25519ph, Ed25519ctx, HashEdDSA, PureEdDSA, WTF?
PSA to avoid confusion between these algorithms. Or you can use high-level libraries ;)


Announcing The Unicode Standard, Version 13.0
Who cares about Syloti Nagri and Dives Akuru? Here’s what you have been waiting for!

Announcing Rust 1.42.0
Finally, matches!


How (some) good corporate engineering blogs are written

Was the Y2K crisis real?

Nightmare: intro to binary exploitation / reverse engineering course