Timeouts and cancellation for humans
About handling IO timeouts in library API. I guess this will be the one thing that a new language can improve on. Or… there’s always dynamic scoping.

Secure Rust Guidelines
Useful reading on secure coding practices, applicable to other languages as well.


New Crypto in Go 1.14
It also provides a good insight into API design process. Be sure to follow the links there too.

Open Source

npm is joining GitHub
Yes, they bought it. I’m off setting up mirrors, just in case.


Text processing in the shell
Pretty cool overview with examples of various tools like wc and tr.

What is fsck up to now?
A story about progress bars. (Also, did you know about dd on Linux supporting SIGUSR1? Or the SIGINFO signal on BSD?)


Things you can do with a browser in 2020
I wish most of these did not exist…

The .o domain zone of OpenNIC.