Static analysis in GCC 10
GCC gets a static analysis pass, -fanalyze. Competetion with Clang does wonders.


Secure by Design
Quality review of a book.

Concurrent programming, with examples
Cutie overview of synchronization in POSIX.

Speeding up Linux disk encryption</br> Is crypto slow? Kinda, but not as slow as you’d expect. Includes a nice achaeology story.

How is the Linux kernel tested?
Pretty well, I’d say.

The Reusability Fallacy – part 1, part 2, part 3
A somewhat nice writeup about architecture.

New grad vs senior dev


Swift 5.2 Released!


Collections: The Fremen Mirage, Part IV: Desert Power
This blog lives up to its name.

An in-depth Look at OCaml’s new “Best-fit” Garbage Collector Strategy
I always though of GCs as magnificent practical hack. A “hack” simultaneously as a work of art and as a kludge.

A “living” Linux process with no memory (HN)
Funny edge case.

New Hard Drive rituals
Do you have any?

Tale of OpenBSD secure memory allocator internals - malloc(3)
“Deep” is not understatement, it’s a highly technical post.